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Our Unique & Delicious Products - bottle type

Lilibet Black tea Concentrate 550g

Lilibet Black Tea Concentrate is produced with 4 types of black tea leaves (Uva, Earl Grey, Ceylon, Darjeeling). There is a sweet type and semi-sweet type.

Our extract is made from 100% premium Indian and Sri Lankan black tea leaves.

We use traditional brewing techniques and focus on extracting a black tea with a distinctively pleasant flavor. We use 3 times more black tea leaves than other common black tea concentrations. By using xylose sugar, sugar absorption into the body is greatly reduced.


You can easily make really delicious milk tea with the Lilibet Black Tea Concentrate.

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Honey Ginger Lemon tea concentrate 600g

Lilibet Honey Ginger Lemon Tea Concentrate is a very carefully crafted item.

It is based on a black tea extract and includes pure ginger extract and pure lemon concentrate. It also includes 100% Korean honey.

This concentrate has a smooth ginger flavor with a fresh and sweet lemon crispness.

It is great for making both hot and iced tea. Drinking this tea can make you feel better with its clean, refreshing lemon flavor. 

This powerful concentrate can make about 20 cups of honey ginger lemon tea with one bottle.

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Peach/ Lemon iced tea concentrate 600g

Lilibet produces two types of iced tea concentrates: peach flavor and lemon flavor.

Our Lemon Iced Tea has an Earl Grey black tea extract base with a pure lemon concentrate.  Fresh lemon and honey makes this a sweet and refreshing iced tea.

Our Peach Iced Tea is based on Ceylon tea extract.
Sweet honey and sweet peaches produce a soft and sweet taste.

The best thing about these two products is that there is no hassle of melting powders and you can enjoy a clean and tasty iced tea without any astringent mouth feel.

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Our Unique & Delicious Products - Stick type

Tok Shot Espresso Stick 22ml×10ea

Tok Shot Espresso is a liquid concentrate. 

A blend of Colombia and Brazil coffee beans gives this espresso a delicate flavor.

The taste of this coffee is soft and has a sweet dark chocolate aftertaste.

This product is an easy way to make coffee; all you need is water and cup.

Anytime, Anywhere, Enjoy some relaxation with a cup of coffee.

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Earl Grey sweet Stick type 22ml×10ea

Lilibet Earl Grey Sweet Black Tea Concentrate sticks are perfect for making a full cup of milk tea. Simply pour one stick into cup of 150ml~180ml milk, and you will have a delicious milk tea.

​It's made with the extract of Earl Grey black tea. Our extract is made from 100% premium Sri Lankan black tea leaves. We use 3 times more black tea leaves than other common black tea concentrations.

It delivers an irresistible black tea flavor with the fragrance of bergamot orange.

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Our Unique & Delicious Products - capsule(gun) type

Tok Shot Espresso capsule(gun) type

This product is made of an aluminum cartridge and patent pending plastic cap, which contains a liquid espresso extract.
Hold Tok Shot by the plastic cap, aiming it downwards into a cup (of water or milk), press down on the base lightly and hold (about 10 seconds) until all the coffee comes out. This is an easy product to use. Additionally, any concentrated beverage can be utilized with Tok Shot (Black Tea, Ginger Lemon Tea and more to be released soon).

This product is optimized to be simple, portable and comfortable for your convenience.

In order to drink a delicious Americano or coffee, people need special equipment or machines, or have to go to a café. The Tokshot Espresso allows us to enjoy an espresso anytime, anywhere without any equipment.

Also, because it is a deep espresso solution, you can enjoy coffee in various ways such as Americano, cafe latte and affogato.

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