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COVICE was established in 2008 and started as a coffee roasting factory. We developed the first espresso liquid coffee concentrate in Korea. Since then, we have developed our own rich products such as black tea concentrate and iced tea concentrate to provide consumers with good products and good prices, and continue to grow as well as coffee.
This is possible because we directly import high-quality black tea from Sri Lanka and India. All coffee products are strictly managed from warehousing to roasting, extraction and shipment under the management by Q coffee Grader.
Also, tea concentrate products are likewise produced in HACCP facilities in a clean and strict way. Our products hugely popular with cafe and tea connoisseurs and aficionados alike.

The philosophy of our company has always been to provide only the best products and services, so that customers can feel the same joy in drinking our products, as we have in making them. When we look at our success today, we aren’t just see the numbers; we see the many happy people enjoying their day with our products.
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